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How much does it cost to maintain my swimming pool?
The cost of maintaining a swimming pool varies according to the needs of each individual pool. The factors we consider when giving a price for a monthly pool service are: gallons of water to be chemically treated, surrounding landscape, regular usage, and equipment capabilities.

How often does my pool need to be cleaned?

It really depends on the needs of each pool. Our experience has taught us that unless there are extreme conditions such as: heavy regular usage, lots of trees, etc., the average residential pool in good working condition is able to be properly maintained using only one visit every other week, saving you hundreds of dollars per year; contrary to the popular belief of most pool companies and homeowners. Currently we successfully maintain most of our customer’s pools in our popular “Smart Saver Program" (every other week monthly cleaning plan).

Is it cheaper for me to maintain the pool myself instead of hiring someone?
A swimming pool is a complex system that requires knowledge and consistent care or it could be very costly in the long run. Also, chemicals are very expensive and their misuse could lead to serious and costly repairs. That’s why our motto states that “a pool is more than just a body of water”.

Should I maintain my pool during the winter months?
Yes, indeed, winter is the most crucial time to maintain your pool equipment working properly. It is a fact that freeze damage is the leading factor for most of the major and costly repairs, not only to the pool equipment but also to the pool’s structure and plumbing. Considering this fact, we recommend for your benefit, to maintain the pool under regular professional care all year. Remember that “it is always better to be safe than sorry”.

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