Right Help Pools


Right Help Pools has some of the best well-trained employees in the metro area. All of our pool technicians go through a complete training with our service manager on pool cleaning, water chemistry and routine maintenance. They also go through a series of tests before they are assigned to their routes and sent out to the field. Unlike many other pool companies, our technicians are full-time employees and not subcontractors allowing us to provide our customers with a trustworthy and reliable workforce.

Our services are customized according to your swimming pool needs. Here are some the most common services offered:
Weekly and bi-weekly pool maintenance
Equipment repairs
One time clean up
Filter clean up
Pool remodeling

Our regular scheduled services include:
Testing and balancing water chemistry
Checking and maintaining pool equipment for proper operation
Skimming the surface
Vacuuming and/or leaf master the bottom of the pool and spa
Brushing of walls and steps
Backwashing filter as needed
Cleaning pump and skimmer baskets
Cleaning and maintenance of the pool cleaner (Polaris, Letro, Etc)
Adding water to the pool as needed

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